The ideal insurance for your company

The ideal insurance for your company

New cyber protection insurance
New cyber protection insurance

"Protect your business against
 potential losses resulting from computer attack."

Seguros para autónomos Zurich
Seguro para autónomos Zurich
Insurance for freelancers
With you 24 hours a day

We provide you with a range of protection
 solutions designed for professional services providers to take care of your personal and working life.

seguro para autónomos Zurich
Accident insurance

Because a day off work is a day
 of lost earnings, our insurance pays you a daily allowance until you get better.

Liability insurance

Nobody is perfect. So it is highly recommended
 to have insurance which covers any errors you may make while working.

seguro para autónomos Zurich
Car insurance

If you rely on your car to get to work, you will
 appreciate the optional replacement vehicle coverage in our car insurance.

Seguros para pymes Zurich
Seguro para pymes Zurich
Insurance for SMEs
The insurance that matches your SME

We know that every company is unique,
 so we offer you a wide range of insurance products to choose from with numerous optional covers.

seguros para pymes Zurich
Hotel insurance

In addition to general liability,
 we also cover theft of your customers’ personal belongings, injury to your employees, etc.

seguros para pymes Zurich
Winery insurance

With covers as specific as:
 breakage of tanks and bottles, robbery of DO labels, injury to your employees or visitors, etc.

seguros para pymes Zurich
Farmers insurance

Save money by bundling your farm and
 home insurance, get coverage against your tractor breaking down, etc.

Seguros para negocios Zurich
Seguros para negocios Zurich
Insurance for businesses and shops
The insurance that thinks about you and your business

Featuring 24-hour assistance and loss of profits coverage, our business and shop insurance is extremely comprehensive and flexible.

seguro para comercios Zurich
Bar and restaurant insurance

Featuring fire coverage, we pay you for damaged goods if your cold room breaks down, we meet any claims made against you due to accidental poisoning, etc.

seguro para comercios Zurich
Real estate agency insurance

You get legal assistance if a customer is injured on your premises, we reimburse you for stolen cash up to the sum insured, etc.

seguro para comercios Zurich
Clothes store insurance

Including emergency replacement of a broken shop window and sending a security guard if need be. It also covers healthcare costs if your employees are injured when handling store materials, etc.

Covers subject to the terms and conditions and schedule of the policy.

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